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December 15, 2018

JOGG Monthly Luncheons

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Tearoom-11.11.00
On this date Lauren & Carmen invited more JHS descendants to join in a meal and fellowship at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Tearoom. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all the participants.

Present at the luncheon were:

Carmen Moniz & her daughter,Delisa

Lauren Simons

Melanie Simons- granddaughter of Stanley Simons

Sandy Bushara & her daughters,Reem & Hana-Sandy is the granddaughter of Amice Darrell

Kehinde George-granddaugter of Earlington Simons

Taiwo George & her son,Nathan- Taiwo is the twin sister of Kehinde.

Topics Discussed:

*Occupations & tribulations!
*Creation of a website for the JHS descendants
*Family Reunion 2001
*Ordering of photos taken by Kehinde at the 1999 Famiy Reunion

Plus lots more! We stayed at the Tearoom for over 3 hours and had lots of fun!

Come and join us at the next luncheon on 09.12.00,at Fresco's, Front St from 12.00am

Meeting @ Fresco's 09.12.00
Present; Lauren, Carmen, Taiwo & Kehionde
Apologies: Melanie, Sandy

A lovely lunch in a nice venue. We sat for about 2 hours discussing recent events and occurrences in our lives. Agreed to meet next time at Sandy's house on 27 January. This will make it easier for Sandy to attend. Taiwo gave out copies of the Simons Family Heritage Calendar 2001 for Melanie, Carmen & Lauren.

Meeting at Sandy's 4.00pm- 3.02.01
Sandy prepared a wonderful meal of two different falvoured pizza's and salad followed by a yoghurt and fruit dessert. Present were Lauren, Carmen, the twins, Nathan,Delisa,Reem and Hana.

Discussion topics revolved around new Survivors programme, Taiwo's golf game today, the credibility of Cheerleaders in the year 2001 & work issues. Great afternoon, great company.

Meeting:3.3.01 at Mrs Tea's Tearoom Southampton

We all met at the Tearoom in the Christmas Room and had a good lunch and fun. Various topics discussed including Simon's 1st Annual golf tournament, Reem's b'day party to held here and an update on what all of us has been doing.

Next meeting: date to be decided venue-Northrock at Collectors Hill
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